Oct 31

Memorable and original rock/no wave music

author: Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer:
Whether building off a Velvet Underground with Strokes-style riff or plying a decidedly UK-influenced pop-rock sensibility and even experimenting with electronica dance grooves, the 5 songs and self-titled CD, “Christ VS Krishna” proves it has original and substantial musicality.Toronto based Pank Bagga is the singer/songwriter behind the moniker, and his unique sound succeeds not in spite of these different influences but, rather, because he blends them so seamlessly. So, while CD-opener, “Hollywood Torpedo” is raggedly insistent like the best of Strokes songs, and “Lemonade” features the kind of instantly humable hook worthy of The Cure, neither detracts from the other-worldly dance rhythms of the synth-driven “Sub-crack Waves.” The other 2 tracks, “At the End” and “Demons in the Church” lean more to the VU / Strokes influence, particularly in their effortless rhythms and irresistible melodies, but each is stamped with Christ VS Krishna’s utterly original vision. As debuts go, Christ VS Krishna’s self-titled CD is a memorable and provocative outing that delivers much, but promises even more.

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